Sunday, 10 February 2013

Making the move online

 I've been making boxes for some time now, trundling out to the workshop after the day job is done and washing away the stresses of the day with a balm of sawdust and Danish Oil. It has been a good year for sales. I've been too busy to think of marketing my work properly, but even so I've been delighted to see just how many boxes have found a new home.

 So, this year I've decided to make the move online. I'm going to set up an Etsy store. I don't have all the stock ready yet, although I do have all the raw materials in place. I just need the time to convert them from solid chunks of wood into boxes.

I've set up a facebook page ( and I have a deadline for opening the online store: 8th April 2013. So now all I need to do is get down to work... in between going to 'actual' work, that is.
If you would like to follow my journey, from Yorkshire workshop to online store, then you've come to the right place. And once you've seen how a box comes to life you might like to suggest or request a variation of your own. I'm always happy to hear new ideas from people who really enjoy the flowing figure of an unusual piece of wood...

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