Thursday, 28 February 2013

Focusing on the smaller things...

The last week has seen me working hard on the smaller parts of some boxes. It's fiddly work but it is where the boxes really begin to take shape. From bandsaw to clamps and glue and back to the bandsaw, all shapes and sizes of drawers and boxes have begun to form on my workbench.

 When I make a large run of boxes at the same time I always find it vital to mark everything up carefully so that when I assemble all the pieces they all go back together the way I wanted them to. Even now, I still make mistakes, no matter how carefully I try to keep track of everything. Just yesterday I put a newly glued drawer back into its box, only to find I'd cut it back to front. Now I have a box facing one way with a drawer facing the other. Still, not to worry. I'll just have to find a nice, complementary piece of wood and make a new box and drawer to match. In my world of box making mistakes aren't problems, they're just 'features' waiting to happen :o)

Not one to waste anything, these offcuts will be picked over and anything interesting will be squirrelled away ready to be used for smaller projects. Some larger drawer inners will become hinged ring boxes, while the really small pieces may resurface as drawer handles.
Another week and all the glueing and clamping should be finished, including all the secret drawers. Then comes the dusty business of shaping them. I'm thinking of getting a bobbin sander to make the job easier. It might just be time to spend that birthday money...

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